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A New Way to Reduce—or Eliminate—Panic Attack Symptoms


A racing heart. Chest pain. Trouble breathing. Shaking. The list of panic attack symptoms goes
on, but treatment choices have been limited.

Panic attacks are often terrifying and debilitating. Intense stress can trigger panic attacks, but
they sometimes happen without warning.

This recent New York Times article offers coping strategies to combat panic attack symptoms
when they occur. Understandably, though, people want to prevent panic attacks from happening
at all if possible.

The good news? Panic attacks are treatable. Medications and talk therapy are two longstanding
panic attack treatment paths. But these approaches don’t work for everyone. So, the better
news is that another proven treatment is now available.

Freespira is shown to reduce or eliminate panic attack symptoms. One study showed that 71%
of patients were free from panic attacks after Freespira’s 28-day program. It’s a drug-free
treatment that takes place at home and you can get started quickly. Learn how.

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