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4 ways Freespira is different from other breathing exercises

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If you deal with stress or anxiety (and who doesn’t), you may have tried breathing exercises in the past. There are many methods to choose from (box breathing, belly breathing, yoga, meditation, etc.). And they may have helped.

But sometimes, no matter how much you do, you still feel trapped by feelings like fear or anxiety. You might lose sleep. Avoid things like driving or crowded stores. Or you might find yourself snapping at family members.

Sound familiar? If so, typical breathing exercises may not be enough.

Freespira can reduce or stop panic attacks and PTSD symptoms. It’s medication-free and completed at home. It’s safe, effective, and can be used alongside most other medical treatments. And it helped nearly 9 out of 10 people with their symptoms.

Here’s what makes Freespira different:

You know exactly what to do. The treatment involves using the Freespira system to practice breathing exercises for 17 minutes twice daily.
You can see your progress. Ever wonder if you’re “doing it right?” Freespira gives you real-time feedback. It helps you optimize your carbon dioxide balance (the air you exhale).

It’s a tool that stays with you. Lying down and closing your eyes to breathe or meditate can feel really nice. But it doesn’t always stay with you when you’re done. With Freespira, the breathing patterns you learn become automatic. It’s a tool you can use anytime—in the dentist’s chair, while driving, or even at a crowded event.

A Freespira coach is there to help. While it’s easy to use Freespira right at home on your own schedule, you’re never alone. Connecting with a coach each week allows you to talk about anything you’re struggling with or the changes you’re feeling. To many of our patients, that makes all the difference.

Your insurance may cover Freespira. Schedule a quick call with one of our representatives to find out.

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