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Stop wishing and start living. Yes, really.

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Imagine you had a magic wand. What would you change? Maybe it’s sleeping better. Enjoying the things you used to. Or having better relationships with those you love.

Sometimes panic attacks and trauma symptoms make it hard for these “wishes” to come true. And maybe you’ve tried treatments before, but nothing’s worked.

We hear it from people all the time, “Nothing’s helped. Why would this treatment be any different?” And yet, every week, we hear firsthand how Freespira has changed lives for the better. Hear for yourself:

I’m calmer with my kids.

“As a stay-at-home mom, I felt overstimulated and irritable a lot of the time. It would often lead to panic—and losing my temper. With Freespira, I found a sense of calm within myself. I learned to ground myself with my breath. I’m no longer losing my temper as much. And I’m able to appreciate and enjoy the time with my children.”

I’m able to enjoy hot showers again.

“Taking a nice long, hot shower now feels so good. I no longer feel afraid to be in the shower, worrying the hot water tank is going to blow up. I’m able to enjoy things that other people get to enjoy.”

I’m confident enough to travel now.

“For years I’ve had a dream of buying a pop-up camper. I wanted to travel and camp throughout the year with my family. But my fear of driving always held me back. After Freespira I not only bought my camper, but I’ve already taken it on two trips.”

I don’t think I am going to die at any moment anymore.

“I was in constant panic mode, always waiting for things to fall apart. Waiting for my body to attack. Waiting for the worst to happen. I was ready to crumble. Since Freespira, I’ve become calmer in my body. I feel safer outside of my house. Things just keep getting better every day.”

I have the energy to cook for my family again.

“I use the [Freespira] breathing pattern when I’m triggered. I use it to calm myself in the most triggering situations. I used to have nightmares every night. Now it’s once a week—and they’re less severe and more manageable. And I’m back to cooking every night for my family!”

I went to a concert!

“My social anxiety was so bad it often kept me from leaving the house. I even canceled dates with my husband when thinking about leaving the house. In the last week of my Freespira treatment, I was able to go see a major concert with no anxiety or panic issues.”

Ready to learn more about a medication-free treatment that is completed at home in 28 days? Schedule a 15-minute call with someone from our care team.

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