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Can breathing really help you get control of panic attacks?


If you live with panic attacks, you’re likely familiar with some of the changes that happen when stress or anxiety symptoms set in. When you feel unsafe, your body cues up its sympathetic nervous system. You go into what’s commonly referred to as “fight or flight” mode. Without thinking about it, your breathing tends to become faster and shallower.

The link between panic and breathing

What you may not know is that scientists who study panic disorder believe that some people breathe in fight-or-flight mode all the time. And that rapid breathing may set the stage for panic attacks. That’s because it disrupts the level of carbon dioxide in your body.

How do you know if this is you? To start, you can notice your breathing. When you sit still, how fast do you breathe? Can you feel your belly rise and fall? Or does your breath mostly go into your upper chest? Do you yawn or sigh a lot? These can also be signs of unhealthy breathing patterns.

People use many forms of deep breathing to cope with stress. Yoga, meditation, and even flute playing are practices that Freespira patients have told us they used before Freespira. And they can be relaxing while you do them.

The Freespira difference

What sets Freespira apart is its power to change how you respond to triggers anytime, anywhere. “With yoga breathing, it stops as soon as you walk out of the studio,” explained one patient. The breathing skills patients learn with Freespira become automatic. They go with you everywhere: driving, in the dentist’s chair, dealing with stressful family situations.

“The [Freespira] breathing has given me life-changing skills,” another former patient shared. “I’m able to challenge my mindset by using the breath. And when I use the breathing I can get my head out of the spinning feeling it used to get. I really like that I don’t have to take another pill to get this relief.”

Who can benefit from Freespira?

Want to see if it’s a good fit for you? Talk to one of our advisors or check your symptoms now.

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