Digital therapeutics — identifying the hurdles and establishing the evidence for transformational clinical and economic impact


Digital therapeutics are a new category of medicine, delivering clinically validated, FDA-cleared medical interventions. In the past half decade, investment in digital therapeutics has grown at a strong pace, with yearly investment growth rates of 40%¹ and over $1B invested since 2018². Despite this investment, we are still in the early innings.

With healthcare’s long march towards efficiency accelerated by Covid, digital therapeutics, like telehealth, hold immense potential for scalable, high quality and cost-effective care. We’ve seen this potential start to realize in Freespira, a Lightspeed portfolio company, in the treatment of panic attack disorder and PTSD which have especially heightened during the pandemic³. We’d like to highlight the unique hurdles facing digital therapeutics and present a case study of Freespira on the foundational step of all digital therapeutic journeys.

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