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Your panic-free holiday party survival guide

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Twinkly lights, festive food, catching up with friends. There’s a lot to love about holiday gatherings. For people who live with panic attacks, there’s also a lot to fear. It may seem easier to steer clear altogether.

If panic symptoms keep you from doing the things you want to do around the holidays, here are some ways to ease the stress and worry:

Take the pressure off. When you expect everything to go perfectly, it’s easy to be let down. It’s OK if you don’t have the perfect outfit or say all the right things. Just showing up and enjoying yourself (even a little) can be a success.

Remember you’re not alone. It’s easy to imagine that everyone else is a pro at socializing. Know that you’re not the only one cowering in the corner. Everyone feels awkward sometimes. And no one is watching you as closely as you are. If you catch yourself being self-critical, try these tips for self-compassion.

Prepare some talking points. It may sound silly, but having some conversation starters in your back pocket can make it easier to make small talk. When in doubt, smile, make eye contact, and ask people about themselves or their interests.

Steer clear of drinking. It can be tempting to use substances to help you relax. But it can backfire: Alcohol or drugs can trigger panic attacks in some people. Plus, people with certain conditions like panic disorder or PTSD may be at a higher risk for substance abuse disorder.

Know when to say no. Life is busy. You don’t have to accept every invitation. Focus on the traditions that you enjoy, or that matter most to people you care about. And make sure to protect your own self-care needs, like sleep, exercise, and time to relax.

Panic attack treatment in the privacy of your own home

Freespira is a drug-free treatment for panic and PTSD symptoms that can be done at home in just 28 days. In clinical studies, nearly 9 out of 10 people experienced fewer panic attacks after finishing the treatment. See if Freespira is right for you by using our online screener.

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