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What’s really behind panic attacks?

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If you or a loved one has panic attacks, do you know what causes them? Sometimes, panic attack symptoms are triggered by stressors. A crowded store, bumper-to-bumper traffic, or being on the spot and feeling pressure to perform.

Other times, it can feel like a panic attack comes out of nowhere. Dizziness, racing heart, and trouble breathing when you least expect it. When this happens, you might feel helpless to prevent or stop it. After all, if you don’t know what caused it, how do you avoid it in the future?

A different kind of trigger

Sometimes, the mere thought or feeling of anxiety can trigger a panic attack. This could be caused by a fear of the physical sensations that accompany panic attacks.

Many panic attack symptoms, like feeling dizzy, can happen for many reasons. You might stand up too fast, for example. But if you experience dizziness as part of a panic attack, you might start to worry. This worry may signal “I’m about to have a panic attack!” And anxiety can spiral, causing more symptoms, and more panic.

Think about this as a panic attack being caused by an internal trigger (a feeling inside the body) rather than an external one (traffic on the highway).

Sound familiar? If so, you might be wondering what you can do about it. After all, you can’t stop yourself from feeling what you feel. Experts say that the best thing to do when you feel panic symptoms starting is to keep doing what you’re doing. Trying to fight the panic tends to make it worse in the long run. Another option is getting treatment for your symptoms.

How treatment can help

Freespira helps slow down and keep panic attacks from getting worse. By retraining your breathing patterns, you can break free from anxiety and stress symptoms.

“Now when panic situations arise, I have the tools to calm myself down,” one patient shared. “I know how to breathe properly.”

About Freespira

Freespira is an at-home treatment for panic attacks and PTSD symptoms. It’s drug-free and may be covered by your insurance. Treatment lasts 28 days, but the effects are long-lasting. Find out if it’s right for you or a loved one.

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