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The leading cause of PTSD may surprise you

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When we think of trauma and PTSD, we often think about war veterans. And veterans do indeed have higher rates of trauma symptoms than civilians. Yet, the leading cause of PTSD isn’t war. It’s sexual assault.

Sexual relationship violence makes up 1 in 3 cases of PTSD. Nearly half of rape victims go on to develop symptoms. That’s more than any other type of survivor. While everyone responds differently to sexual trauma, it can have a lasting effect on future relationships.

Different ways sexual assault survivors may react

  1. Avoiding true intimacy
  2. Struggling with trust
  3. Lacking sexual desire
  4. Sudden outbursts of anger at a partner
  5. Feeling unworthy of love
  6. Obsessing over others’ needs while neglecting their own
  7. Being clingy or needy

Finding the way forward

Victims and loved ones should know that the victim’s PTSD is not their fault. The first step in healing may be simply recognizing the impact symptoms are having.

A loving partner or close friend can be a key ally in healing from sexual trauma. They can be a listening ear, learn to understand some of the behaviors and triggers, and provide needed encouragement.

Treatment and recovery

However, true healing often requires an evidence-based treatment. There are a variety of effective treatment options for PTSD symptoms. Some involve medication, and some don’t. Freespira is one drug-free option that is ideal for people who prefer treatment they can do at home. And it provides relief from symptoms in just 28 days.

Try our online screener to see if Freespira is right for you or someone you love.

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