Sarah’s Road to Everyday Freedom


Sarah felt like she’d tried everything to help with her PTSD symptoms: exercise, therapy, medication, CBD, alcohol. Nothing she tried really gave her lasting relief. Until she found Freespira, that is. With Freespira, it was different.

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A loving father of African descent sits on the couch at home and reads a storybook to his preschool age daughter. The child is sitting on her father's lap and is smiling while looking at the book.

Feeling stuck? Try kindness instead of criticism.

A beautiful mixed race young adult woman embraces her vibrant retirement age mother. The mother and daughter are enjoying a relaxing walk in nature on a beautiful, sunny day. In the background is a mountainous evergreen forest bathed in sunlight.

Unlock the Power of Self-Compassion

Enjoying the hilltop views. Happy mature hiker looking away with a smile on his face while standing on top of a hill with a backpack. Adventurous backpacker enjoying a hike at sunset.

3 Steps to Using Self-Talk for Good