Hate crowded grocery stores? There’s a name for that.


Nobody likes waiting in line to buy milk. But for many people who live with panic attacks or PTSD symptoms, it’s more than just a day-to-day hassle. Being in crowded public places or waiting in line can trigger paralyzing fear and anxiety. And that fear can make it hard to do even basic tasks, like shopping for food.

That sense of panic triggered by a particular place or situation is called agoraphobia. And it can lead people who experience it to avoid places they think might set them off. For some people it’s waiting in lines. For others, it can be a movie theater, public transportation, or even open spaces like parking lots. One common thread: An out-of-proportion fear of having a panic attack in that place.

Like many other symptoms of panic attacks and PTSD, agoraphobia can seem manageable for a while. You might have your partner do the shopping, or avoid anywhere you’d need to fly. And taking the stairs instead of the elevator means extra exercise. But over time, the restrictions on where you can go and what you can do tend to grow.

Agoraphobia shrinks your world. But it doesn’t have to. Treating your underlying anxiety attacks or PTSD symptoms can help you to break free. Freespira is an FDA-cleared treatment that works in just 28 days to do just that. You can use it right at home to build skills that can stop symptoms before they even start—no medication or therapy required.

See how Freespira works:

Don’t make excuses for your symptoms. You deserve a life where you can go where you want to go and do what you want to do. Find out if Freespira could be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

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