3 steps to get started with Freespira


Freespira is FDA-cleared to treat panic attacks and PTSD symptoms in just 28 days. It doesn’t include medications, or cause side effects. And it doesn’t require you to see a therapist.

Instead, it’s a unique system that helps you to retrain the core breathing patterns that can contribute to symptoms of PTSD and panic disorder. If you struggle with these symptoms, you can refer yourself to be evaluated for Freespira. There’s no cost or commitment to talk to an advisor to find out if it’s right for you.

Here’s how Freespira works:

Step 1: Schedule a consultation online. Choose a date and time with an Freespira advisor to call you by clicking the button below. They’ll review a series of questions about your symptoms and can answer any questions you may have. Based on your answers, you may be referred for a clinical consultation (by phone).

Step 2: Review your coverage. Once you’ve discussed your symptoms, the advisor will look at your insurance coverage to see what your cost for Freespira will be. Freespira is covered by select health insurance plans as well as VA health care for veterans and their families.

Step 3: Get Freespira on your doorstep. After you complete your enrollment, we’ll ship you a package with everything you need to complete the treatment.

Ready to give Freespira the chance to change your life? Schedule your call today.

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