How Freespira Works

Freespira is proven to reduce or eliminate panic attacks

About 70% of the time, a panic attack includes deeper, faster breathing, or hyperventilation, which exacerbates the panicky feelings and causes the familiar and scary sensations of a pounding heart, dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea and numbness in fingers and toes.  While there are “apps” and other tools that claim to improve breathing control and prevent attacks, proper training and control is difficult to achieve without a sensor which accurately measures your breathing patterns and depth of your breathing.

Breathing matters!

You probably already know that when you breathe in, your lungs take in oxygen, which is necessary to sustain life.  The byproduct of respiratory metabolism is carbon dioxide (CO2), which is exhaled when you breathe out.   The majority of people who suffer from panic attacks chronically hyperventilate, which leads to lower than normal CO2 levels in their exhaled breath. This hyperventilation and low CO2 set off a cascade of effects that reinforce and exacerbate the sense of panic.  So this breathing pattern creates a vicious cycle:  you feel panicked so you hyperventilate.  The hyperventilating causes low CO2, which in turn makes you feel even more out of breath, dizzy, lightheaded, nauseous —  and panicky – which sets the stage for triggering a panic attack, whether prompted by perception of an external threat, such as crowded elevator or an internal threat, such as a sensation of breathlessness or chest tightness.

Freespira is different

Freespira breaks this vicious cycle.  It is an FDA-cleared, at-home treatment for panic attacks and other symptoms of panic disorder.  It is a clinically proven treatment that measures your CO2 levels and breathing rate in real-time, and teaches you to breathe differently, in the comfort and convenience of your home.  A Freespira trained licensed healthcare provider will teach you how to use Freespira, then you perform two 17-minute breathing sessions per day, at-home, over 4 consecutive weeks. The provider will also be tracking your progress via a secure website. That’s it.  No medication, no requirement for long-term therapy.  Freespira studies have shown that most people significantly reduce or eliminate panic attacks immediately after completing treatment, and these results last for at least a year.

What is Freespira?

Freespira includes a graphic display of exhaled CO2  on a handheld tablet, which shows you if your breathing is within or outside of the normal range. Unlike other breathing Apps, Freespira provides breath-to-breath feedback and accurate exhaled CO2 levels via a dedicated sensor, to insure that you are correctly training your body to maintain healthy exhaled CO2 levels while stabilizing your respiration rate.

Your licensed healthcare provider will train you how to use Freespira, you then take Freespira home and perform two 17-minute sessions each day for four consecutive weeks. Your breathing session information is uploaded to the cloud via a secure server, to enable your healthcare provider to review your progress weekly.

Freespira with Callouts

Freespira works, it’s safe and it lasts

In clinical studies, 85% of Freespira users were panic attack free immediately post-treatment and 82% were panic free at 12 months post-treatment. Freespira is safe and effective with 93% of patients stating they would recommend Freespira.

Results are long lasting. The treatment is safe, and the vast majority of patients would recommend it to a friend.  Interested? Find out if you are a candidate for Freespira!