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Patient Testimonials

KM, Patient

The Freespira System had a life altering affect on me. I lived in a constant state of worry and anxiety, I have been free of that since I used it. It has taken some getting used to – living without constant worry. At first I almost missed the anxiety but now I am settling well into life with no anxiety, no worry, and no medication.

BK, Patient

Freespira has had a significant effect on my anxiety levels throughout the day, and the sessions are downright enjoyable!

Within a week of starting the sessions my general anxiety level went from moderately high to virtually non-existent. If my thoughts ventured into areas that would normally cause an immediate anxiety response, I found that the response just wasn’t there. My ratings on calmness and general perception of happiness during this period rose.

I found Freespira to be very effective in making me aware of the roles of my respiratory rate and CO2 levels in how I feel, and in providing the skills for me to manage these parameters, thereby reducing/eliminating anxiety and panic.

I always knew that slowing my breathing down helps during times of anxiety. But, I never knew how CO2 levels effect how I feel, that my “natural” CO2 levels were so low, and that I could easily learn to significantly change my CO2 levels, thereby significantly reducing anxiety.

JM, Patient

I enjoyed the training and particularly the confidence it has given me that I can manage my anxiety.

OC, Patient

Almost instantly after using Freespira, my breathing began to change. The Freespira accomplished what medication, therapy alone, consults with ear nose and throat specialists, etc never did: it taught me to breathe in a non-anxiety-centered way. It did in 28 days what 25 years of various interventions did not do.

I found the system to be extremely beneficial and life-changing.

The Freespira Breathing System helped me to be more in the moment, feel more grounded, and less emotionally labile.

CK, Patient

The Freespira system has literally changed my life. I have been on meds for years, active cognitive therapy and they seemed to get me to “good enough” but my world seemed continue to shrink. I was having a hard time leaving my county and daily stressors seemed amplified. The Freespira has completely taken the edge off. I haven’t had a panic attack in over 60 days, sleeping better and my family and friends have even noticed my calmer demeanor. My world is not only no longer shrinking, I can actually think about expanding my horizons again, where before, it wasn’t even a possibility. This thing is priceless…..

Pittsburgh, PA Patient

Complete turnaround! I don’t need therapy anymore and hardly think about that anymore. Freespira worked so fast!

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