How the Freespira solution works.
Freespira is revolutionizing the way panic symptoms are treated. Research has shown there is a physiological component behind panic attacks that is not addressed by drugs or therapy. Freespira corrects this problem — chronic hyperventilation or over-breathing which causes lower than normal exhaled carbon dioxide (CO2) levels and other erratic breathing patterns.
Freespira teaches the user how to stabilize their breathing patterns and how to increase their exhaled CO2 levels into the normal range.
People suffering from panic attacks often believe they are experiencing a heart attack, or other serious medical condition. They frequent the emergency room, require expensive diagnostics, and repeatedly visit physicians in search of relief.

Addressing the key physiologic component of panic:
Chronic Hyperventilation

People with panic chronically hyperventilate, causing lower than normal exhaled CO2 levels and erratic breathing patterns.

They experience frightening physiologic sensations triggered by these breathing irregularities.

During a panic attack, people often believe they are having a serious medical event like a heart attack, which escalates the feelings of panic.

Resetting (normalizing) exhaled CO2 level and correcting dysfunctional breathing reduces or eliminates panic attacks and symptoms

By training panic sufferers to permanently change their breathing patterns, panic attacks are dramatically reduced and, in many instances, completely eliminated.

Freespira’s innovative 28-day therapeutic solution

Utilizes a hand-held tablet to provide instant feedback to train users how to change breathing patterns

A proprietary sensor that measures breathing rate and exhaled carbon dioxide levels

Personalized training from a Freespira coach

Review and reporting of progress

Consistent access to support throughout the 28-day process

Freespira’s innovative 4-week therapeutic solution

Quickly trains users to control breathing rates
Takes only minutes a day to practice
Is portable and can be used anywhere
May replace reliance on medication and long-term therapy
Delivers long-lasting results after only 28-days
Freespira is the only drug-free digital therapeutic that has been proven to reduce or eliminate the symptoms of panic in multiple clinical trials. An in-home solution, Freespira is cost effective, convenient, and delivers long- lasting results in only four weeks.