“Since introducing Freespira in 2014 as a treatment option for patients with panic, we’ve seen tremendous patient quality of life improvements in a very short time. Many of these patients had been in therapy for years, and struggled with ongoing panic attacks. After using Freespira for the one month treatment, most were completely panic free.”. Kevin Caridad LCSW, PhD, Cognitive Behavior Institute

Posted On January 23, 2020

Anxiety in life is healthy. It is the body’s natural physiological response to stimuli that are perceived as dangerous. Also known as the fight or flight response to threats, it is the human survival technique. To experience anxiety is to consciously recognize that the self is in threat of imminent harm – be it physical or psychological.

A panic attack occurs when a person is stimulated by anxiety in inappropriate instances when there is no actual threat of imminent harm. Typically, the occurrence is seemingly random, sparked by nothing in particular. A person can experience a panic attack at any time in any context, for example: when out shopping, driving a car, being at work or even sitting on the couch.

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