Overview for VA Providers

An FDA-cleared, adjunctive option for veterans experiencing anxiety attacks and PTSD symptoms

Freespira is a medication-free treatment that addresses a common underlying physiological factor of panic attacks and PTSD, a hypersensitivity to carbon dioxide (CO2), which often leads to chronic respiratory dysregulation and bodily hypervigilance, a leading factor behind anxiety attacks and PTSD flashbacks.

Multisite Research Effort Sought Real-World Proof

Freespira normalizes exhaled CO2 and respiratory rates in a single 28-day at-home treatment. Guided, twice-daily (17-minute) treatments use a sensor sampling the patient’s exhaled air (to measure CO2 levels and respiration rates). These physiological markers are displayed in real-time on a tablet as visual feedback along with rising and falling audio tones to teach patients how to normalize respiration rate and expired CO2 levels.

05465 Rev A

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