Palo Alto Health Sciences Accelerates Commercialization of Freespira®

Posted On March 14, 2018

Palo Alto Health Sciences Accelerates Commercialization of Freespira®

Company is expanding focus on bridging mental and physical health in employer and payer-covered care delivery models – expands leadership team

Danville, CA – March 14, 2018 – Palo Alto Health Sciences, Inc. (PAHS), the manufacturer of Freespira®, the only FDA-cleared digital therapeutic solution for treating panic attacks associated with multiple behavioral health and medical conditions, announced that is has accelerated its commercialization strategy.  PAHS has expanded its leadership team and reports additional results validating the clinical outcomes quantifying the cost-benefits of Freespira from a multi-year study with Highmark Health.

A key component of PAHS’ commercialization strategy is the expansion of its leadership team with two key hires that have a combined 50+ years of healthcare leadership experience with Payers (Cigna, Anthem/WellPoint) and successful health technology companies to help lead the company through its next stage of growth.  Nancy Powers, Chief Growth Officer, is the former Senior Vice President GPS strategy at NantHealth LLC, Senior Vice President Global Business Development Best Doctors and Co-Founder, CorSolutions.   In addition, Rochelle Porper, Vice President of Business Development, joined the team.  Her experience includes former Vice President of Sales at Best Doctors, Health Management Corporation/Anthem, and CorSolutions.

“Panic is comorbid with, and complicates, many chronic conditions – worsening overall health symptoms, increasing medical spending and decreasing quality-of-life.  Multiple studies validate that conditions like depression, diabetes, IBS, migraines, insomnia and more are exacerbated by panic,” said Nancy Powers, Chief Growth Officer.  “Integration of Freespira as an adjunct treatment of these underlying conditions is key to providing value to health plans and employers.”

PAHS has developed an effective treatment for panic that supports risk-based management models, such as ACOs.

Research has shown that individuals with panic (a behavioral health condition) have a physiologic component of their condition; dysfunctional breathing patterns, including chronic hyperventilation.  This leads to lower than normal exhaled carbon dioxide (CO2) levels and symptoms like rapid heartbeat, dizziness and numbness that often mimic major health events.  Individuals with panic interpret these physiological symptoms as a serious medical condition and overutilize medical resources, increasing healthcare costs.

“The results from the Highmark Health/Allegheny Health Network Quality Improvement Program validated that Freespira decreases ER, pharmaceutical and total medical costs by eliminating or reducing panic symptoms. These important findings are directly aligned with the risk-based metrics utilized in ACOs,” said Debra Reisenthel, CEO PAHS.

Freespira is commercially available in the U.S. and is an FDA-cleared, drug-free, 4-week treatment for panic attacks and other panic symptoms associated with anxiety disorders. Treatment is authorized by a licensed healthcare provider and is clinically proven to reduce or eliminate panic attacks, a serious health condition which commonly leads to life-altering avoidance behaviors. Individuals with panic chronically hyperventilate, even when not experiencing a panic attack. This abnormal breathing pattern has been shown to exacerbate panic attacks and increase susceptibility to panic symptoms. Freespira uses a custom sensor and twice-daily at-home protocol to train patients to stabilize their respiration rate and exhaled CO2 levels in four weeks.

About Palo Alto Health Sciences and Freespira®

Palo Alto Health Sciences, Inc. is a privately held digital therapeutic company at the forefront of revolutionizing healthcare with FDA-cleared, evidence-based, at-home and drug-free solutions. Freespira®, is an FDA-cleared solution for individuals suffering from panic disorder, panic attacks and other symptoms of panic.