Is Freespira Right For Me?

You may be a candidate for Freespira if you have sudden or repeated attacks of fear or any of the following panic attack symptoms:

Fight or Flight Response Symptoms

How is Freespira Better?

Freespira is different.  It’s very safe, effective and drug-free.  Freespira has been shown to be free of the typical side-effects of the leading prescribed medications for panic.

Side effect Medication1 Freespira2
Drowsiness Yes No
Sexual problems Yes No
Dry mouth Yes No
Joint pain Yes No
Nausea Yes No
Diarrhea Yes No
Nervousness Yes No
Headache Yes No
Blurred vision Yes No
Increased possible suicidal thoughts Yes No

If you have any of the above symptoms, Freespira could be beneficial for you. Contact us now to learn more.