Benefits to Payers

Healthcare Payer

Reducing the incidence of panic attacks and thereby reducing cost of treating panic patients medically offers a clear benefit for payers.  By reducing unnecessary emergency room visits, excessive doctor visits and prescription drug costs, overall health costs for these patients can be significantly lower.

Freespira is:

  • The only FDA-cleared, evidence-based device that directly addresses the key physiological component of panic
  • Clinically proven to produce long lasting, results following a short-term treatment,
  • Cost-effective compared to the traditional treatment modalities
  • Drug-free
  • Excellent adherence and engagement facilitated by the App and remote provider review of progress
  • Safe, with no serious adverse events reported in clinical trials or commercial use

Moreover, Freespira requires minimal clinician oversight, further reducing overall treatment cost compared to traditional therapies such as prescription drugs or cognitive behavioral therapy, which require significant clinician time for oversight and management.

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