Freespira Benefits Your Patients and Your Practice

Benefits for Patients

Following authorization, and under the supervision of a trained clinician or technician, patients have a simple, safe, effective, drug-free at-home treatment option that is proven to produce long-lasting reduction or elimination of panic attacks.

Freespira with CalloutsFreespira is:

  • Simple: two 17-minute breathing sessions a day for 4 weeks produce long-lasting results.
  • Easy to use: The Freespira App guides the patient through the 17-minute structured feedback session and provides real-time performance feedback.  Session data is also available to the prescribing clinician via a secure website so that adherence and progress can be monitored; improving patient/clinician engagement.
  • Effective and long-lasting: Clinical studies have demonstrated that immediately post-treatment, 71% of patients were panic attack-free and 85% had a clinically significant reduction in symptoms.  After 1 year, nearly 80% of patents were panic attack-free and 82% reported a clinically significant reduction in symptoms.
  • Convenient: After a 45-50 min training session, patients perform their twice daily breathing exercises at-home. Weekly in-person, phone or online check-ins with the supervising clinician ensures adherence and proper use.
  • Empowering: Freespira enables patients to feel more in control and confident as they actively participate in controlling their physiology.
  • Safe: No serious adverse events have been reported in Freespira trials or in commercial use.  Some patients may experience dizziness or lightheadedness during the first few sessions.

Benefits for Your Practice

Freespira offers clinicians the only FDA-cleared, proven safe and effective option that directly addresses the physiological component of panic.  Freespira can be provided as a stand-alone treatment, or in conjunction with behavioral and or pharmacotherapy.   Therapists and other health care providers can feel confident in recommending Freespira based on published peer-previewed data that demonstrates its ease of use, safety and long-term effectiveness in patients with panic attacks and panic disorder.

Offering Freespira to your patients:

  • Builds your Practice: An opportunity to enhance your practice and differentiate yourself from others in the community
  • Provides Multiple Treatment Options: A stand-alone or adjunctive treatment that supports and complements other treatment modalities
  • Increases Revenue: Offering Freespira rental programs or bundling Freespira with other therapies enhances practice revenues

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