Freespira: Clinical Evidence, Real-World Results

Everyday FreedomTM from Anxiety Attacks and PTSD Symptoms

Millions of Americans live with panic disorder and PTSD. Medications and psychotherapy often provide some relief but can require weeks or months to make a difference — and they don’t work for everyone. Fortunately, new digital therapeutic treatments are proving valuable in improving clinical outcomes for these serious, costly conditions.

Clinical evidence is key to understanding how digital therapeutic treatments work and the outcomes they deliver. This e-book covers:

  • Costs associated with these conditions
  • How a digital therapeutic treatment like Freespira fits with traditional therapy and medication
  • Peer-reviewed evidence on the effectiveness of Freespira for panic disorder and PTSD

Treatment with Freespira is correlated with significant and lasting symptom reduction, high rates of adherence and patient satisfaction, and lowered healthcare costs. See the studies.

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