What Is Freespira?

Freespira is covered by CCHP and is provided at no extra cost to you.

A medication-free treatment program for panic attacks and the symptoms associated with trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in only 28 days.


How To Use:

The system is easy to use, at home, without the need to visit your doctor or a therapist. It is a small breathing sensor with a tablet that is used twice a day for 17 minutes. A coach will help you get started and stay with you through the length of the treatment program.

Do You Qualify?

If you are a current CCHP member and 13 years or older, you could qualify for Freespira.

3 simple steps to feeling better:


Schedule a consultation with a Freespira Advisor.


Meet with a Freespira Advisor to find out whether Freespira is right for you.

Gain Control

Start your 28-day treatment.

My family still sees the benefits of [Freespira] too. I'm more present with them. And, I'm more present with myself.
— Sarah
To me, Freespira is getting your life back, and it's empowering.
— Molly
My life is proof that Freespira works and that’s why I wanted to join the team as a coach. Three years ago I couldn’t imagine a day without panic. After using Freespira I have been able to manage my stress and anxiety and panic attacks feel like a distant memory. I’m excited to help others live a panic free life as well.
— Talia

*Freespira is indicated (FDA-cleared) as an adjunctive treatment of symptoms associated with panic disorder, panic attacks and/or PTSD in patients 18 and older.
In younger patients, Freespira has been clinically evaluated and is being made available as permitted by FDA’s COVID-19 Enforcement Discretion Guidance.

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