PODCAST: What Integrative Practitioners Need to Know About Telemedicine

As more medical practices find themselves integrating a telehealth model, they’re realizing they don’t have a playbook to ensure a smooth transition.

Robert Cuyler, PhD, discusses the current regulations and what they mean for telehealth. He also shares, if not the full playbook, some practical tips on getting set up for your first remote session.

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A new way of treating anxiety and panic attacks – Dr. Bob Cuyler discusses Freespira on the Interactive Health Podcast

Did you know that a whopping 11% of American adults experienced a panic attack in the past year? In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Bob Cuyler to discuss the effectiveness of existing treatment options for people who suffer from anxiety and PTSD and the promising results from a new digital solution. We also discuss compelling science behind the body’s physiological response to panic and the surprising impact that these conditions can have on the American workforce, their employers and medical costs.

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