If you think that #panicattacks are psychological, think again. New research suggests they might be caused by receptors in the body. Find out more here.

Panic disorder is a syndrome characterized by spontaneous and recurrent episodes of incapacitating anxiety. It typically emerges during adolescence or early adulthood and can take an exhausting emotional and physical toll on the body. Physical symptoms can include heart palpitations, sweating and/or chills, trouble breathing and dizziness, nausea and even chest pain.

While significant progress in both diagnosis and treatment has been made with panic disorder, a lot is still not known about what triggers these panic symptoms. There is evidence that a pH inbalance disruption in the body, known as acidosis, can unexpectedly cause the panic attack.

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Prince Harry opens up about terrifying panic attacks

In yet another first for a senior member of the royal family, Prince Harry has given an extensive TV interview in which he described in excruciating detail the panic attacks he suffered following the death of Princess Diana.

In the interview for the Army channel Forces TV, Harry says that he would suffer appalling panic attacks that made his body feel like “a washing machine” every time he found himself in a room full of people.

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This puppy was adopted and returned three times — then he met Morgan, who needed a service dog to help her cope with panic attacks. They are so perfectly matched to each other, it’s unreal.

This puppy was adopted and returned three times — then he met Morgan, who needed a service dog to help her cope with panic attacks. They are so perfectly matched to each other, it’s unreal.

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After years of panic attacks, Charyn finally tamed the #anxiety beast. Here’s exactly how she did it. And you can too.

I don’t remember when I had my first panic attack. Oddly, it didn’t coincide with the loss of my mother at the age of 17 or the deep-seated spells of major depression in my mid-20s. These mood-crushing moments seemed to rear their debilitating powers a decade or so later.

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10 Things You Can Do To Support Someone Having A #PanicAttack


I have a panic disorder and, unfortunately, that means I sometimes become panicked for no particular reason. Having a panic attack, especially if it’s in a public place, can be embarrassing enough as it is so please be empathetic. I know it will pass but in moments of panic I can forget that. Know that these attacks are scary and real to me even if they are all in my head.

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“Everything was spinning, like my brain was trying to climb out of my head. The air felt thick and heavy. My mouth was like chalk,” basketball star Kevin Love writes

Heart pounding, lungs straining, room spinning, a panic attack can make people feel as if they’re about to die. Then, just as suddenly as it begins, it’s over.

What’s happening here?
The Anxiety and Depression Association of America describes a panic attack as the abrupt onset of intense fear or discomfort. It can happen out of the blue and for no obvious reason when a person is calm, or strike when she’s feeling anxious.

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