Anxiety: Panicking about Panic Book Review

Posted On July 26, 2019

Panic Attack Book Review

You heart is beating erratically, your body feels like it’s buzzing, and everything around you just seems to be too much. You might be having a panic attack. Or maybe you’re just anxious. You don’t know what to do, but all you know is that you have too much energy and your mind is running a million miles a minute, going through every “What if?” scenario that you can think of. You search Google for some help – trying to understand what’s happening. There is an overwhelming number of articles online – each offering some nugget of wisdom that might help you. Or might not.

One of the best self-help resources for people suffering from panic and anxiety is Joshua Fletcher’s book, Anxiety Panicking About Panic: A powerful self help guide for people suffering from an anxiety or panic disorder. In many ways, it’s like  “Anxiety and Panic for Dummies” because it’s so simple and easy to digest, especially for someone who is new to experiencing high levels of anxiety. Fletcher uses knowledge from research and the insight he has gained from his own life to create a helpful guide for anyone trying to understand their anxiety in a way that makes sense.

The book is less than 150 pages long, which means it’s easy to carry with you. And it’s laid out so well that you won’t need to back track too much to refresh your memory about those points that were most helpful. The book will help you feel empowered because the goals can be easily achieved – either with additional support from medication, counseling, or therapeutic interventions like Freespira.

This is one book that you’ll keep close at hand in your journey to living panic free!

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