Freespira in the News

Panic sufferers take life back from grip of fear: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, January  2018

Study finds breathing device treats panic attacks – and lowers medical costs: Philadelphia Inquirer, November 2017

Highmark Health’s VITAL Innovation Program Validates Effective Drug-Free Treatment for Panic Attacks:

Highmark Health, November 2017

Time to Stop Panicking!: Psychology Today, May 2016

The secret to wellbeing: learning to breathe properly: The Telegraph UK, January 2016

Re-Learning to Breathe With Freespira Can Ease Panic Symptoms: Highmark Health Blog, March 2015

A new way to banish panic attacks: ABC 7 Chicago, March 2016

New medical device helps with panic attacks: ABC 7 Los Angeles, April 2016

Freespira a new, non-pharmaceutical treatment for panic disorder: Innovation Essence, Sept 2015