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Freespira is an at-home therapy that trains individuals diagnosed with Panic Disorder how to adjust their breathing to control and normalize their respiratory pattern. Freespira was FDA cleared in December, 2013 and includes a handheld Tablet with the Freespira Application (App) and a small sensor that measures breathing rate and the level of exhaled carbon dioxide in each breath. The App provides easy-to-follow audio and visual instructions that guide you through the breathing sessions. The system is used at home in a 4-week treatment, under the supervision of your Healthcare Provider. The treatment is safe and has been demonstrated to be effective in several clinical studies.


Freespira contains a proprietary sensor that samples and measures the carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in your exhaled breath and transmits this data to the App running on a tablet. Breathing information is displayed on the Tablet, and the App provides verbal and visual prompts, guiding you in adjusting your breathing pattern to optimize your CO2 level and respiration rate.

Your Healthcare Provider will go over how to use Freespira; then you take it home and use it for two 17 minute sessions each day for four consecutive weeks in the comfort of your own home. The breathing information is reviewed weekly during your treatment. Clinical research has shown that people with Panic Disorder breathe differently than those without Panic Disorder and measurement of CO2 helps patients adjust their breathing in a way that reduces panic symptoms and panic attacks.

Many patients reported seeing results within the first two weeks. For others, results took a little longer. Results are long lasting; after 12 months, nearly 70% of patients reported no more panic attacks.

Patients Recommend
94%* of patients say they would recommend the treatment to a friend or family member who suffers from panic attacks or panic disorder.
* data on file, includes would probably and would definitely recommend.

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