Payer Quality Improvement Programs with Freespira

The company that developed Freespira, Palo Alto Health Sciences, is partnering with  several large commercial payers, including Anthem and Highmark to confirm the expected cost savings in patients with panic following treatment with Freespira. These programs seek to demonstrate that the clinical improvements seen following treatment by Freespira directly translate into lower healthcare utilization and lower system costs based on the hypothesis that once PD patients no longer experience panic attacks and symptoms of panic, their utilization of medical care will be similar to that of a matched control group (i.e. members who do not have claims for panic disorder).

Since Freespira is a very cost effective treatment, the ROI is compelling:  Based on published data and data from a 500,000 member BCBS plan in the mid-west, approximately 2.7- 5% of the members of a health plan will have panic disorder and panic attacks and 65% of these members will be diagnosed. Therefore, a plan with just 200,000 members would have 3,510 PD patients available for treatment with Freespira and if 50% of these patients are treated with Freespira, more than $7,918,199 in direct health care spending can be saved annually, given the excessive costs of these patients and the low cost of Freespira.  Once the secondary costs of lost productivity are factored in, additional value is provided to patients, payers and employers. Additionally, by using Freespira, impacted mental health resources can be freed up to serve other patients.

To learn more about these programs, or to find out how Freespira can help lower costs for your organization, contact us today.

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